Roberto Mercer

Roberto's Poker Courses

Roberto offers one-on-one and group poker instructional courses to all skill levels of players because he understands that the learning process never ceases. It is in the role of poker coach that Roberto consistently reevaluates the strategies which make him a top cash and tournament player and is highly respected within poker's inner circle.

Available Poker Courses:

   A one-day, intense, comprehensive course for players with 4-months experience and a base knowledge of poker in tournament or cash games looking to advance their play: More Info

   A 30-day course where all aspects of poker will be explored. The student and Roberto will be evaluating the student's performance through classroom and live environments: More Info

   A 60-day advance course for poker players wishing to enter the "professional world of poker." Students who complete this course will have the tools and knowledge necessary to earn their living from cash and/or tournament poker: More Info


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